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Japan Wood Market Statistics
This monthly publication contains lots of key data on the supply and demand of wood and wood products in Japan. The table of contents is shown below. You can see a sample copy by clicking here. If you subscribe to our service, you will receive the monthly report (pdf format) via e-mail and, in addition, can visit our Data Box for your research. For subscription please download and print the form, fill it out and fax it us. We will send you confirmation mail and a password to the Data Box.
Annual subscription fee is 20,000JPY including tax.
For those subscribing in Japan, please read here.
Table of contents
1. Trade data
Table 1: Imports of logs by region
Table 2: Imports of lumber by region
Table 3: Imports of softwood/hardwood logs and lumber
Table 4: Imports of softwood plywood
Table 5: Imports of hardwood plywood
Table 6: Imports of softwood chips
Table 7: Imports of hardwood chips
Table 8: Imports of softwood lumber from Europe
Table 9: Imports of glulam by country
Table 10: Imports of MDF by country
2. Domestic production
Table 11: Input, consumption and inventory of logs, and production, shipment and inventory of lumber
Table 12: Input of logs to sawmills by supply source
Table 13: Input, consumption and inventory of logs, and production, shipment and inventory of plywood
3. Domestic supply and demand
Table 14: Supply, consumption and inventory of major imported wood
4. Housing starts
Table 15: Housing starts summary
Table 16: Wooden homes by type, number of units and floor area
5. Price
Table 17: Wholesale prices of logs
Table 18: Wholesale prices of lumber and panel products
Table 19: Wood Prices in the Japanese Market
Table 20: Wholesale price indices
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